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Got Questions?

We get asked many questions on a daily basis, here is a selection of the post popular ones. If you have a question for a member of the team at Sacred Oil, then please contact us

  1. What is CBD?
    Cannabidoil (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid compound found in the Hemp Plant which recognised to be beneficial to human and animal health and capable of effecting nearly every biological process via the endocannabinoil system (ECS).
  2. What is the Endocannabinoil System (ECS)?
    The Endocannabinoil System (ECS) was discovered in 1992 and refers to endocannabinoids, the enzymes that regulate the production and degradation, and their receptors. Endocannabinoids are messengers that are isolated from the brain and peripheral tissue that communicate via cannabinoid receptors.
  3. What are the benefits of Hemp?
    Hemp has an excellent nutritional value, providing components known as Essential Fatty Acids that the human body doesn’t naturally produce so must be consumed through diet. Emerging scientific research supports the consumption of CBD for general well-being and good health. It can not make you high.
  4. What percentage of CBD does Sacred Oil contain?
    Our focus is not high percentage CBD we prefer to focus on delivering everything the plant has to offer including CBD. Each drop of Sacred Oil contains a complex biochemical matrix of over 400 complimentary and beneficial compounds that interplay to optimize health and well being this is known as the l entourage effect and is recognised by leading scientists to be more effective and longer lasting.
  5. Will Sacred Oil make me high?
    No, it is impossible for Sacred Oil to make you high as it is a hemp-derived product which only has trace amounts of THC.
  6. Can I drive or operate machinery whilst taking Sacred Oil?
    Yes, it is perfectly safe to drive or operate machinery whilst using Sacred Oil but it is advisable to check with your doctor if you are taking any other medication alongside Sacred Oil.
  7. How should I store Sacred Oil?
    Sacred Oil is delivered in Miron Glass which through its own unique properties doesn’t allow any visible light in or out and thus protects the oil from any degradation, for optimum lifespan (up to 2 years) Keep Sacred Oil refrigerated.
  8. Where do you source your Hemp
    Our Hemp is sourced from various pesticide free organic farms across Europe.
  9. How should I take Sacred Oil?
    Sacred Oil can be measured out using the syringe provided and squirted under the tongue and held for a minimum of one minute before swallowing. Sacred oil is water soluble for optimum absorption, it can also be added to juices or smoothies.
  10. How much should I take?
    We recommend starting with 0.5ml to 1ml then reducing down to 0.1ml to 0.2ml once or twice a day until you find your level, listen to your body and be guided by how you feel.
  11. Can I take Sacred Oil abroad?
    CBD is legal in many countries but always check first the customs and import laws of the country of your destination.
  12. Could I have an allergic reaction to Sacred Oil?
    Sacred Oil contains no known allergens but if you have any concerns it would be best to start with a very little to see if you experience a reaction or take advice from a health professional.
  13. Can I give Sacred Oil to my Pet?
    It perfectly safe to give Sacred Oil to your pet. Hemp has no side effects.