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Welcome to Sacred Oil

At Sacred Oil we make what we consider the world’s finest whole-plant hemp products. As an independent company that prides itself on its integrity, we manufacture, distribute, wholesale, and retail a popular range of Full-Spectrum whole hemp plant products.

All of our products are made using only the highest quality, organically-sourced resources to produce some of the most naturally bioavailable and effective products on the market. We have been manufacturing since 2017 and already established a loyal base of happy, satisfied customers. Sacred Oil is currently available exclusively through selected suppliers – enquire here.

Sacred Oil Whole Hemp Plant Infusion should not be confused with CBD isolates. The cannabis plant has over 400 recognised compounds, with potentially hundreds more. Ancient civilisations believed in the medicinal properties of the whole plant, and that keeping the plant’s full range of compounds intact is essential for aiding digestion, adsorption, and fully realising the plant’s unique powers. This timeless extraction approach is believed to give “Sacred Oil” its unique synergistic properties, producing stronger results than any one component can do alone.

It's all about the Entourage Effect

Sacred Oil is extracted using an ancient process which results in a true full spectrum product, a whole-plant approach that makes use of the many hundreds of compounds (not just CBD) naturally occurring in the plant material. This vast array of oils, terpenes and flavonoids is what gives our “Entourage Oil” its unique qualities.

What our Customers Say

Amazing and calming

Amazing! Much calmer. I can tell that this is definitely for me

Natasha, Leeds
Amazing, Helpful

Amazing, helping me so much I keep thinking what’s the catch but there isn’t one.

Lauren, Edinburgh
Amazing Product

It’s an amazing product and has done wonders for my general well-being. Since using it I’ve felt the best I’ve felt in a long time. So clear headed, balanced and grounded It’s unreal. Thank you and hope you keep up the good work

Michelle, Liverpool
Greater energy levels

After the first week of use it had helped me feeling of calm and greater energy levels, very happy

Ashley, Newcastle

My husband started taking the Sacred oil and within 3-4 days he had very positive results.

Sarah, Manchester
Hail the Oil

I took it for 2 days and I’ve not took it since as I’ve not needed to. All hail the oil

Joe, Huddersfield

Miron Violet Glass

Every bottle of Sacred Oil Whole Hemp Plant Infusion comes in attractive Miron violet glass. Visible light is known to speed up molecular decay, but Miron violet glass naturally filters out damaging frequencies, only letting in the sunlight that protects and improves the quality of its contents.

Miron glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part, whilst simultaneously permitting radiation in the spectral range of UV-A and infra-red light – important wavelengths for bioenergy and communication between living cells. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the ageing processes, thereby improving the durability and potency of Sacred Oil Whole Hemp Plant Infusion.

Sacred Oil Whole Hemp Plant Infusion is bottle in Miron Glass